Company Basics

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• How long have you been doing this practice and/or business? *
What date did you start your company, or plan to start your company?*
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Business Model

Your business model explains how you make money with your product or service.

Enterprise Structure

Video and Links to Your Work

Please include any links to your work product (that you didn’t include above with your website or social media sites.)

Please provide a 1-minute video* of your product or service. The video could include you talking about your work and/or visually showing your work. You can create the video and upload it to Vimeo or YouTube. Please provide the link for the video here.

(*Your video is intended to provide a brief visual of your product or service and does not have to be high quality. An iPhone or other smart device video works just fine. If you need video equipment, please contact CNM Ingenuity for help at 505.224.4000, ext. 53299)

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