For liability reasons, CNM Ingenuity cannot rent vehicles for the CDL Skills Exam only. All drivers testing in a CNM vehicle are required to attend training through one of our programs. We have the ability to enroll interested candidates in a CDL Skills Refresher and Assessment to see if they have the skills necessary to safely operate the vehicle before taking the CDL Skills Exam. You must demonstrate a history of past driving and training experience to take a CDL Skills Refresher and assessment. This class is not for beginner drivers and serves as an evaluation of a driver’s current skillset. It is not a substitution for training.

I have read the above information and understand that the CDL Skills Refresher and Assessment is an evaluation.*
I understand that approval to use a CNM vehicle for the CDL Skills Exam is at the sole discretion of the CNM Instructor based on my demonstrated skills during this class.*
Do you have your New Mexico Commercial Learner’s Permit (CLP)?*
Is this your first permit?*
What type of CDL are you trying to obtain?*